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Meet the Staff

These women helped mold and shape this event. With consistent prayer and fasting and their knowledge in various fields, we will present to you the first annual woman's conference through For The Byrd's Consulting LLC.

Stacie Leap

Stacie has been a member of our planning committee since April 2022. She went blind in 2016 as a result of domestic violence. While she was two months pregnant, she was beaten by her boyfriend and that resulted in her blindness and dislocated vertebral discs in her neck. She lost the faith in God in the beginning of her blindness but over time she realized that God saved her from a death. Her daughter had no lasting effects of the trauma and Stacie escaped with her life. She was able to leave the relationship, adjust to her blindness through services and programs, and raised her daughter to understand her value and put her faith in herself and God.

Currently, Stacie serves on various leadership positions within the National Federation of the Blind where she advocates and helps those within the blindness community. She also volunteers for the Community Support Program of Philadelphia where she provides resources for those affected by behavioral health challenges. She is employed at 3S tech and Talent, LLC as an Accessibility Support Specialist where she ensures all programs and services within the company are accessible for people with disabilities. She strives every day to work on bettering herself and show that blindness does not hold you back and you can do whatever you put your mind to despite your disabilities or challenges.

Gabrielle Byrd

Gabrielle is one of LyVette's daughters and the mother of Brielle E'von. She has been a sounding board for the committee since 2022. Aside from a helping hand when needed she (with the assistance of Stacie Leap) built this website.  Music, theater, and most recently painting are her passions. She plans to use those passions in the mental health field as a phycologist someday. "My life's goal," she says, "has been to be the kind of person I needed when I was growing up. I think it's extremely important for us (the previous generation), to remember our past struggles and how we've overcome them and help the next generation do the same. We should always pay it forward."   

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