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One women is pictured here twice. First she is sitting on the floor wearing a yellow t-shirt and green underpants. Her knees up and her head down. Her arms are wrapped around her knees. Then she is pictured wearing a peach colored dress that stops at her knees, white pants and brown ankle boots.  She is walking tall.

About us

Our service fees for organizational structure, staff development, and resource sharing are unique to the individuals and organizations we serve based on what they would like us to do. However, the fee for an interest meeting is $100.00 for one hour. In this meeting, we are gathering information about our potential clients and the work they would like us to do for them. After which, a second meeting is set up that will provide our potential client with the options and benefits they have working with us. 

FTBC also supports the growth and development of community through its faith-based initiatives that addresses community issues and concerns. A few of those concerns are:

A.) Meeting basic hygiene needs for men and women in the community through outreach partnerships; Faith That Works as well as The  National Federation of the Blind Community Service Division are just two of such opportunities.

B.) Uniting the community through advocacy with and for those who are differently abled; John Jon Awareness walk as well as speaking engagements on the topic.

C.) Our annual Woman's Conference that encourages and provides resources for women holistically mind, body and spirit is our latest venture.


Our motto here is:

“Heal A Women, Heal A Community”!

**Call today for an appointment to move your ideas tomorrow, 215-688-5199

About Our C.E.O

How may I serve you?

Ms. LyVette otherwise known as Ms. love is the eldest of 6 children born to Floyd D Sr. and Betty J. LeGree. She is the mother of 7 children; 2 of whom have gained their wings and 5 grandchildren.  For the past 35+ years with God’s grace and mercy LyVette has helped others pursue their purpose.

   “I get excited seeing others go in the direction of what fills their cup Nope, it ain’t easy and at times a bit frustrating but it is worth it”. -Ms. Love

While LyVette works with all populations and organizations, her passion for women is at the center of it all. “Women hold so many important roles in our communities and families. It is vital that we invest in their total well-being, mind, body, and spirit in order to build and maintain a thriving community”. LyVette enjoys plays, music, dancing, traveling, scenic views, and elephants.

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